Scott Tremlett

2023 Mid-Year Global Market Outlook

Since July of 2022, the federal funds rate has gone from 1.75% to 5.50%. The speed of this hiking cycle has been felt in various ways already. Headline CPI (inflation) has gone from 8.4% to 3.1%. It is estimated that increased interest rates on lending services have led to a reduction of the $2 trillion 2023 Mid-Year Global Market Outlook


DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE CRISIS. I am certain most of you have heard about the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse last week, and we wanted to reach out to give some assurance this is not another 2008 event. First, let’s take a step back and review what happens to bonds when interest rates SILICON VALLEY BANK FAILURE


Monthly Report: September 2022 Which way do we go from here? Year to date (through 8/31/2022): the Dow is down -13.29%1, the S&P 500 is -17.02%1 lower, the NASDAQ is -24.47%1 lower, and Bonds (measured by AGG, iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF) are -10.67%1 lower. The picture above says ‘COST’; and in today’s market 2022.09


BULLS WIN! At least for the month of July! Due to business obligations, we will not be distributing a report for the month of August. Check back in September for the latest analysis from our Chief Investment Strategist, Scott Tremlett, CFP®, ChFC®. Year to date (through 7/31/2022): the Dow is down -8.60%1, the S&P 500 2022.08


What is a Recession? A recession is an economic term that refers to a significant decline in economic activity in a designated region. Typically, a recession is recognized as two consecutive quarters of declining GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and a rise in unemployment. For many years, two quarters of declining GDP was the defining factor 2022.07